Be Global Food FZE (BGF), a worldwide trading company specializes in developing healthy food and beverage products, is committed to noble quality outputs.  The company’s core competency has been in global networking.  Its other high quality specialties include flavors, fragrances, superb-quality sugar and dairy products.


     Tropicana Slim Tropicana slim low calorie sweetener can be used for many kind of beverage (tea, juice, etc.) and for cooking (boild, steamed, fried, baked, grilled, etc.). One sachet of this sweetener (2.5 g - 6 calories) is equivalent in the sweetness to 2 tea spoons (10g - 40 calories) of sugar. Tropicana slim low calorie sweetener is suitable as sugar substitute for diabetes.


     Javacana Slim is a range of products created for people who want to enjoy a healthier life. All Javacana Slim products are low in calorie, have low or no fat, and are sugar free. Javacana Slim sweetener comes in sachet packs of 25, 50, 100 and 250.


     Nutri-C is Healthy Instant Powder Orange Drink which has multivitamins and minerals for keeping your stamina at good condition. Nutri-C is processed with Granulation Technology. Granulation is a process of changing natural materials into very small and dry particles, so it is very soluble when mixed with water (instant).


     WRP is a low-calorie diet program with balanced nutrition. To use it, simply replace breakfast and dinner with WRP Nutritious Drink, have lunch as usual, and consume WRP cookies as snack between meals. As a meal replacement, WRP provide a complete nutrition, equivalent to a meal, but with lower calorie. WRP contains all the important vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, iron, vitamin E and folate. It consists of natural ingredient and does not contain any fat burner or appetite suppressor, which can be harmful to health


     L-Men provides a complete product range for you who want to have sculpted body. L-Men is a milk-based beverage that contains high protein, L-Carnitine and low in fat with complete vitamins and minerals content.